Thank you....and may everyone who comes here thank you as well


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Thanks guys. I have learned a lot here and intend to learn a lot more. I find myself more knowledgeable than some......yet find new knowledge in many bros here. Please continue to show me the respect and the willingness to share that you have in the past. I wish there were more bros that commented regularly......but I am grateful for the bros that talk. Gid bless you all and God bless the knowledge we share
It's always a Pleasure to post with you LateStart.

Even though I've been doing this for many Decades, I also learn by reading and researching.

So it's a Good Day when I learn something that I wasn't aware of previously.............................. JP
Hey, hey , hey, Latestart really cool your words. I've been kinda watching but i mean paying attention to your posts. I have seen, buy your posts that you are leaning a lot more and quicker then some others that i have witnessed. I can only assume by what you post you do more research on your own by whatever means, book or internet. Good to hear you and have you aboard.
I for one like most all your posts and agree much of the time with you.

OMM is watching you. WTF ha ha just, paying attention as i said :wavey:

OMM :)
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Its always good to learn more about this advancing sciense that is really only around 70 years old 1958 a U.S. pharmaceutical firm developed anabolic steroids.