The importance of having Nolva and Ai on hand !!


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Hi everyone.

Firstly let me start but saying this is my experience - not everyone is the same or will dosages and timings effects everyone the sameway. So don’t look at this as advice but maybe someone reading it can take onboard the “whys and what fors” for future reference.

So many many years ago I was cycling this and that mainly deca / sus / dbol / superdrol etc (not at the same time)

I developed gyno.... I tried getting it under crontol all those years ago but without knowing what I know today.

The reason this was all “years ago” because I met a lady got married and had children and the gym kind of got put off for some years.

Well throughout this time I lived with a small frozen pea sized lump under my right nipple... I knew how it got there, it wasn’t causing me problems and I assumed it was there for life. Eitherway it wasn’t a problem.

Well back in the gym some years later and getting some size back. After 3 years of being back in to it I decided to do my first cycle again after 9 years. (5 years of not training properly)

Keep in mind in this time off and especially during the 3 years of training again natty reasearch was being done lots!

So as I’ve not done anything for a number of years I decided to go easy and just run test cyp at 500mg per week. 2x250 and see how I get on.

After being on cycle about 3/4 weeks..... oh look a small lump... left nipple this time with lots of itchness. So now I have lumps under both, the right side being there for a number of years.

I won’t go in to doseages and meds as everyone is different, but I started my ai’s hoping to inhibit this and maybe cause it to stop itching and hopefully vanish.... this didn’t work it just got bigger and bigger.

Lucky I had everything in hand !!!!!!

So it was time for serms I started big to get it all under control and at this point I’m thinking “is this all worth it” what with jabbing, taking half of one of these and two of this and that everyday it seemed like a lot of effort and putting my body through lots.....But I thought I’d proceed.
Reading this broad ready did help me two.... not for advice but get my head in a positive state thinking “it worked for them it might work for me”
So I carried on taking a concoction (I wasn’t happy about)

But withing 2 weeks the new lump had shrunk to almost being gone and the intchyness has gone too (yippie).

I dropped the dosage of the SERM and carried on my cycle being very careful as I’m obviously prone to it.

I won’t waffle on much more.

But I’m now off cycle everything went well.... I’m in my 3rd of pct and loosing abit of water weight and still 14lb heavier than when I started 15 weeks ago.

And....... the pea under my right nipple has gone too. I’ve lived with that lump for years and with the right advice and “meds” I’m gyno free and looking / feeling much better then before.

So the whole point of of thread is to make it clear to people, not what to take and when but that you SHOULD always have the correct meds before starting anything like this.... imagine where I’d be now if I didn’t.

Good luck out there and thanks for reading!


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Why don't you share what you did to get rid of it? We all know we react differently and dosages vary, but would be good to know.