Thinkin of test/deca/eq


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I've heard it argued plenty of times but i have found that EQ+Deca along with test will not be a bad move...

"EQ is a 17beta ester while Deca is a 19-norandrogen. While the nadro is almost identical to test and Eq is just about identical to d-bol meaning that they each will hit different receptors which in turn will actualy flood more receptors for muscle growth."

I want EQ in my bulkin stack for the appetite increase because i've heard of too many instances of people's appetite being surpressed by Deca.. and thats the last thing i want...

So i'm thinking either:

Frontload the first 2 weeks

Weeks 1-11 Enanth 500mg
Weeks 1-10 EQ 400mg
Weeks 1-10 Deca 300mg
.25mg of adex a day

Or i'm going to take 300mg of EQ and 400mg of deca...

opinions will be appreciated....
Your weight and number of cycles you have done would help to critique this cycle. My last cycle consisted of 300mg/wk EQ and 300mg/week Enanthate....rather than frontloading, I just did 20mg/wk of D-bol for the first 3 weeks. The test and EQ were kicking in nicely just as the D-bol ended. It was my best bulk cycle to date; EQ+D-bol led to my appetite being right off the charts!