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I think maybe some of you may have experience. I apologize if this is not so.

I have been recently for the past 2 months supplementing my boxing training with weightlifting. The reason for this is to gain advantage in clinches and many other aspects.

I have noticed very significant differences in punching power now compared with when I started.
But not the way you might think, my punching has become slow and ponderous.

I hope you guys may have an idea about this.
If you need greater punching power you should train explosively with the weights , slow training wont help you punch quicker , training your CNS to fire explosively .......
If you aant more info PM me , i`m a boxer too .............
Well I'm not lifting to increase power(muscles can't increase power), I'm looking to gain an advantage in clinches etc.

'King' Carlos Monzon the Argentinian boxing legend was strong and if he was cornered he could turn it around and have the other guy cornered. This is the type of thing I want.

But what I'm saying is while my strength has undoubtedly increased my punching power has surprisingly decreased.
Actually muscular development can increase power, but as A-Rod said, it is how you train that will affect it. For all intents and purposes, you can improve power by improving things like rate coding and motor unit recruitment. The goal is not hypertrophy, although some of this will occur, but rather to improve the previously mentioned factors, as well as inter- and intra-muscular coordination.

Training with lighter weights (no more than 70% of your 1-RM, freqently in the 50% range) can be more useful in your situation. It will take longer training in this range to develop the brute strength you are looking for, but in the long run, this method can be far more useful.
What is your routine?
Are you using a low rep range rather than a high one
knowing these things would be helpful
I train in martial arts have been training with higher than normal rep ranges to increase my speed usually 12-15 for each set no less than that
i don't believe in explosive training polymetrics might be better
Even for boxing but hey this is just what i think