Time between cycles?


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I was wondering how much time between cycles you guys do. I am currently running 625 mgs of Test Enath. And 400 of EQ for the first 6 weeks. Now my question is how long would you guys wait till you started a cutting cycle i am thinking 6 weeks. Then i plan on doing Test/ Tren/ Winny?

For the most part, Time on = Time Off.

BTW, Why are you only running EQ for 6 weeks?
I've been "on" for 3 years, and aint coming off---ever. I'm only using 200 mgs of Cyp/week currently though, so it aint like I've been pounding shit for that long.
after post cycle therapy (pct). a refreshing time at minimum is 6wks. then you can start and get great results again. Time on=time off you can lose some gains. due to lack of motivation or not eating. i have found that people when are EAT way better and do every aspect to see results, train,eat, sleep and not so much when off cycle.
Well i only can afford 6 weeks. It all of the sudden became in high demand. So what can you do. Oh and i am running the Test for 12 weeks