Time For a new Bulk Cycle!


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This cycle is scheduled to start in Ausgust September time frame. I have found a new source online that has a good reputation. (WONT POST HERE). Prices were good so I stocked up.
Here is my proposed plan. Trying to make some clean muscle gains. Really only eating Carbs before and after my workouts. Diet is in check. This is far from my first cycle so I don't need the Tren lecture.

1-4 50mg Test prop
1-4 Dbol,Tbol or Anadrol ( I have them all in my collection of goodies;)
1-18 700mg test cyp
1-16 600mg EQ
10-16 100mg Tren Ace

18-21 HCG 5000iu a week
21 150mg clomid
22 100mg clomid 50mg nolva
23 50mg clomid 25mg nolva
24 50mg clomid 25mg nolva

I also have a good supply of NPP if maybe you guys think I should REPLACE the tren with the NPP and run it for 1-10.

Looking for some great feedback.
Also you should consider running the HCG starting the first week and running it all the way through until the start of PCT. 500iu a week split 250iu 2x a week would work better. Using HCG in PCT is kind of old news. Why wait for your kids to atrophy? Just keep them going the entire time. Make sense?
if your going to pin 700mg of test a week , along with a test prop front load, and run an oral like Dbol .. your going to need a very proactive dose on an AI those first 5 weeks, something like Adex .5mg eod. then adjust after that post blood work
run 500iu hcg weekly from start of cycle to 3 days before pct

im seeing a bit of a red flag with the diet.. carbs only pre and post?? why??

have you considered carb cycling instead for lean gains?? far better approach

what will your caloric intake be? macro split?
Yes sorry I meant test prop EOD same for the tren. If I can find a source for HCG that doesn't charge an arm or a leg then I would definitely consider running all the way through.
The only AI I have at the moment is aromasin. I can get ADEX easily so I'll pick some up before I start. Also have letro.

As far as diet goes I have found that eating carbs before and after working out works best for me to keep by low. I bloat up fast. As far as carb cycling goes not a huge fan. I do have a pretty big carb refeed on Sunday's and I could probably get away with adding carbs to my breakfast now that I'm working a lot more. But I try and rely on high carbs and fats. It's worked well for me.