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Hi all,

So a year ago (right around the time Covid started fucking everything up), I was just getting into lifting and contemplating using gear at some point along the way. I've been keeping at it all this time even though my situation isn't perfect, but am done with waiting for things to get back to some semblance of normal-- I'm ready to get my feet wet gear-wise now. While there's a lot of general info out there, it's difficult to figure out where to start because of my particular factors.

My question to the group is, how did you find your own path and get started on it? Any and all input is appreciated.


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i wanted to look good at the beach.

That's one good reason. I just want to feel at home in my own body, such as it is.

What I want to know is how it's DONE, or at least who would be a good person to talk to about how to work with one's own personal situation.

Suddenly all you meatheads are shy and retiring. You can look, but you can't communicate?? What happened?


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I personally trained for months and pushed my body to its limits natty. My diet was on point, and i was looking well.
After doing all i could physically training i decided to take the step into gear.
So i studied for weeks on all the profiles and asking around forums like this about the best cycles protocols to use to do it right.
Once i had burned the candle at both ends studying and working out natty i took the plunge.
preparation was the key to my success.


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3J would be a good person to contact about how to do it right. He has written many articles and threads on how to start.hes a sponsor here on the boards.


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Yeah, that's about where I'm at-- still formulating what kinds of questions to even ask.

Will look around for 3J. Thanks for that, appleton! :beertoast Just one question there: How do I find him? The search feature on this site is FUBAR.
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