To add deca or not to add deca, that is the question


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guys i am hitting up a 2 month cycle in the summer and it will consist of this have it all planned out nicely....... so far it will be........
wks 1-8
1 omna eod
wks 1-4
35mgs dbol day
wks 5-10
100mgs fina ed

now i am curious on weither or not i should add 600mgs of deca a wk to this or not...........i am kinda of concerned of joint problems, i also know that deca and fina cause progesto gyno (so i may lower deca dose to 450mgs if nething)........... neone who has had luck wit deca and fina please help out
I see no reason to add deca. I highly doubt you will expirence any joint problems unless you have had/or are having them already. If so just add 200mg, that always does the trick for me. I have never done deca and tren, and more than likely never will.