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How long must you wait between runs of DNP? Most things we take are toxic, but is this something that is significantly toxic to any specific organ? I'm gonna run a low dose for 10 days, 250mg only. No need to do it up hard. Is it a 1:1 on/off time thing or does the body need much more time to recover from it? Does a low dose have that much effect on thyroid functionality and insulin levels?
I like to wait two weeks, but there's no real reason for that other than taking a break between cycles.

And there can be only one dnp guru, and sadly he no longer posts on the internet. :( The boards lost a good one when he left.
it is bad for the builds up toxicity as it goes, it can also damages every cell in your body because of its oxidation properties and the free radicals.. thus the need for liver protectors and massive amounts of antioxidents...i would say double the amount of time off as on...may not be the most scientific explaination of it but i prefer to be safe then sorry with this stuff....
Also, is it safe to assume that as long as you have a healthy liver, and you don't inhibit all ATP production and only run it for 10 days, you'll have no damage done?
No one really knows for sure about DNP. Make sure you take your antioxidants, you have free radicals abound. I have done DNP once, I had good results, but honestly, im no competitor, I will just diet hard next time. Clen/T3 is much safer. Anything that can cause "cell death" scares me.