Top 5 Drugs You Need to Thnk Twice About


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Originally posted by IntensitX @ MassMonsterz

Ok this applies to newbies but this can apply to anyone as well oh by the way this is just my opinion and shouldn't be taken as offense to anyone who has taken these types of compounds.

We all know about AS and non AS drugs out there that can build muscle and shed fat but there are at least 5 that you need to either avoid or do so much research that your head hurts.

1.DNP-DNP stands for 2,4-Dinitrophenol an extremly powerful chemical used in certain things like dye markers and pesticides it was discovered that this compound had an awesome effect is weightloss,in fact it wouldn't surprise me if you burned at least 2-3 lbs of fat a day from using this compound but DNP carries an extremly hefty risk in using.DNP switches the ATP usage of the mitochondria of a human cell from energy to heat,hence the fat burning effect from using DNP but there is so much side effects associated and the risk of death is extremely high that I wouldn't recommend using it,clen and T3 are a better choice and much safer then DNP.

2.Anadrol-Pound for pound abombs are the shiat for fast gains in mass and strength.Anadrol is a 17 aa oral steroid(the most powerful oral available)responsible for some massive strength and size gains you see some bodybuilders par take in using Anadrol but side effects are at an all time high for using abombs,risk of getting gyno is high out of all of the orals around and it is a very highly liver toxic oral meaning that your liver will be taking a sever beating for using this oral.If you are going to use it then I would recommend taking it no longer then 4 weeks and prepare for some nasty side effects to occure,some people report being very sick off of Anadrol so it isn't the ideal drug for anyone,in fact I wouldn't recommend using it unless you are an experience roid user.

3.Halotestin-Out of all the orals including Anadrol,Halo to me is the most dangerous of all the roids out there,it's more toxic to the liver then abombs and the gains from what I heard weren't short of dissapointment for some.It's ideal for cutting then bulking but with it being a very liver toxic drug I wouldn't recommend it unless you know what you are doing and like abombs I wouldn't do it unless you are experience it using AS.Use it for at least 4 weeks like abombs if you decide to use it.

4.Insulin-Auh yes insulin,the most anabolic compound(from what I researched)in the human body,it's responsible for a lot of stuff like glycogen synthesis and transporting amino acids into muscle cells for growth,there are a lot of other things that insulin does but some of us already know what it is capable of doing so I won't go into further detail.But because of this BB's have gone the route of using synthetic insulin to help build lean muscle tissue but it not careful,insulin can kill you in a heartbeat,either causing high blood sugar levels(called hyperglycemia)or low blood sugar levels(called hypoglycemia)insulin isn't the type of compound you shouldn't mess with unless you are experienced and researched on it's usage.I urge all that want to try slin that they do massive amount of research before trying it,it can mean the difference between life or death.

5.Synthol-Not a drug but I felt that since it involves BB then I thought I would mention it.Synthol is a intermusclar fatty acid that bodybuilders use for site injections to make a muscle appear larger.Synthol has become popular for BB's who have body parts that are lagging however it carries a big risk because of accidental injections into veins(which is why you should aspirate at all times)causing embolisms and sudden heart attacks.To me personally I think synthol is a waste of time,the gains are not permanate and you risk long term health issues because it is still in your body and it will eventually reach your lymphatic sytem,causing problems that you don't want to deal with.On top of that,you run a risk of hitting a vein and from the horror stories I heard from people who have,it's not something you want to experience so I would just stay away,if you still want to,there are articles online that teach you the right way to inject but me personally I would just consider it a waste of time and stick with something that works.

If you still want to do these compounds may I suggest researching to your hearts extent and keep in mind that these are not for anyone,I certainly wouldn't recommend them to a beginner or a novice,but if your big headed and still want to do them then do the 3 R's-Research,Research,Research and heed all warnings very carfully.
Good read. I think you may find a lot of people have a differing opinion about Abombs. Personally, it seems like more and more people are using them these days as opposed to some years ago when they were more or less a feared drug for many.
excellent post but just a sidenote for it.

comparing t3 and clen to DNP is slightly foolish as far as results having used all 3 compounds, DNP is by far in a league of its own, and also if u know what you are doing with it the risks are minimized quite significantly...its just the fact that there is not alot of knowledge out there about its use and about what can be used to minimize the sides of it that cause people to shun it. Reading and learning is key for any drug use.
true but i think what IntensityX was trying to do is bring attention to anybody who doesnt know any nfo on these drugs as they are more dangerous than your usual test and d-bol. I guess this was more for the newbies, but you would be surprised at how many dont know the propor dosages and safety precautions for these drugs
Great post....I never knew anything really about Synthol....but now that I have a little bit of an understanding....I think I'll research it much further...however I do NOT plan to take it.

and for a first time user of DNP.....even when you know what you're'll knock you off your tee. trust me.
I dont think insulin is that dangerous unless used correctly. If you understnd the difference of IU and ML and when feeling dizzy pop in a candy bar or soda pop then it would be safe. Insulin is really simple.
Trenimator76 said:
I dont think insulin is that dangerous unless used correctly. If you understnd the difference of IU and ML and when feeling dizzy pop in a candy bar or soda pop then it would be safe. Insulin is really simple.

That was the point of this make sure that people know what they are using and how to use it.
Trenimator76 said:
I dont think insulin is that dangerous unless used correctly. If you understnd the difference of IU and ML and when feeling dizzy pop in a candy bar or soda pop then it would be safe. Insulin is really simple.

a local bodybuilder used insulin for many years, and he knew exactly what he was doing, but he ended up dying after going hypo. Im sure there was soemthing else into play, as to why he fell asleep, but no matter how much you think you know, it can still happen to you, just be careful
i wonder though, how is injecting synthol into a vein, different than inject say 3ccs of test ethanate? shouldnt both be detrimental to ur health if inject into a vein?