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I've heard quite a few varying opinons on this and I was wondering what everyone's take was. In order to gain mass, is your preference working out each bodypart, two times a week, or once(ex. chest monday and thursday and so on. Something like that)? I've wondered for awhile now and while I'm about to revamp my routine (in a week, roughly) I really wanted to take this in to major consideration. I know in order to grow the gospel is train hard, eat hard, rest hard. Well if you had one or two days rest, wouldn't that suffice as long as you weren't still sore when you were about to workout that bodypart again? Just wondering.
I do each body part once a week except for abs, which is twice. I have two rest days. I switched things around at the beginning of the year...instead of doing legs all on one day, I split legs up into two days, doing calves with shoulders on an ab day. It was wicked cool the first time I trained like this after taking a week shoulders and calves were sore together and it just felt soooo weird! LOL
i like too work each body part once a week. I throw a lot of intensity when i train so most times i get sore for few days.
I'm probably just going to keep mine at once a week the way I have it because I'm ASS (that's really bad) sore afterwards and there's no point working it out while it's still sore anyway. Hey Beast...I thought I saw your avatar on Elite. Was I correct...hmmmmmm? HEY PUDDLES!! How are ya!? I hear you've been speaking to my girl. Much appreciated :)
She seems like a she on here too?

She IS a sweetheart, and no..not yet anyway. She's workin' Elite for a bit then I'm sure she's going to look around in order to find more info. I appreciate all of ya'll helping here. She speaks very highly incidentally. Today she was going on like "they are all SO NICE! I can't believe it". So you're really helping her out a great deal. She's doing good all by herself, but she never got that positive emotional push from her family. Still doesn't, but I won't get into that or I'll get pissed off and start breaking things j/k. I'm not that keyed up. Anyway, seriously...thanks. :)
:Pump: Sometimes we all just need a little encouragement and understanding to get ourselves motivated and on track. Seems to me that's one of the greatest things about the boards. There are a lot of great peeps willing to lend a hand or two. :bigok:
I have done the one bodypart once every 7 days type routine. It worked for a while. But then I converted to a Heavy Back,Heavy Chest, Heavy Leg day followed by two lite workouts for back and chest.

I have seen the greatest results with doing 4 exercises, 2 sets, 5 reps.

My basic chest/tri/shoulder day looks like this:

Flat Bench:
135 x 10
225 x 10
315 x 5
405 x 3-5
425 x 2

Side Laterals:
45 x 5
65 x 5

Seated French Press with DB:
170 x 5
170 x 5

Tricep Press Down:
240 x 6
240 x 6

and then 3 days later I go through the same routine with about 85% to 50% of the weight used for the same rep and set scheme.

I focus on core exercises for maximum growth.

Flat Bench, Hack Squats and Heavy Rows or Deadlifts.

I only workout 4 times a week.