tren cycle question


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i am thinking about running a 6 week cycle of tren a @ 75mg ed along with my 12 weeks of test e @ 800mg per week, my question is will i see decent results off of a 6 week cycle of tren combined with the test e or is 6 weeks not long enough for tren to work? also, would it be best to start the first 6 weeks of the cycle with tren or finish the last 6 weeks with tren? i am looking to add more muscle and loose body fat. currently i am at 245 lbs and high teens on bf%. thanks in advance for any input ~ jph.

I'd also say put it at the end of your cycle. 6-8 weeks is perfect.

That said, why not cut to below 15% before starting a bulker. Run a prop/tren cutter for 6-8 weeks. I think you'd be happier with the results if you cut first then bulk. Going straight into a 800mg Test/week bulker with BF in the high teens might not be pretty.


You might notice a reduction in side effects due to the more stable blood levels injecting ED.

How are you reacting to it? If it ain't broke don't fix it.
im not having any problems as of yet ive been on 3 weeks and ive added 50lbs to my bench id really like to find some test to stack with it but tren is all i can find
thanks for the responses guys, i will run the tren for the last 6 weeks and see how that does. i hope the tren for the last 6 weeks will act somewhat like a cutter and maybe add some definition, i have pretty solid muscle mass in the chest, arms and shoulders but would like to loose some of the mid-section body fat.