Tren Gains????

You need to work hard to maintain gains!

1: restore HPTA
2: Eat to maintain new gains...clean cals
3: lower your training intesity

Tren is amazing, but you must do all 3 steps to keep your gains! Gear isnt magic!
It´s Beacuse one of my friends have lost all his gains from his Tren/prop cycle, and i throught that was not true! I throught that tren gains was allmost the same as primo gains, safe gains!
All gains can and will be lost if you dont eat to maintain them! Every new lbs of muscle you add, you must eat to maintain it! Especially if you have surpassed your genetic potential. Also, if the cycle was short,its harder to keep gains! I always cycle for at least 12 weeks! I come off correctly and keep my food intake high, and lower my training so I dont go catabolic!

So, to be sure you understand, if you gain 10 lbs from primo and stop eating right, stop training or train too much and dont restore yoru HPTA, you will lose those 10lbs, even if its primo!
I think what PB is trying to figure out is: Is Tren like primo, Anavar (var), know, the kind of gear that ussually translates to SOLID semi-permanent gains as opposed to say D-bol which comes and goes in a hurry.

Right PB?

Regardless........Lawnsaver hit the nail on the head with those 3 directions on how to maintain gains. I WOULD however put Tren in a catagory with test. (IMHO) in which you put it on kinda fast and can lose it rather fast but it's NOT like d-bol!
Well you will maintain your gains through hard work and the proper conclusion to the cylcle. The proper use of ancillary products. You should expect some lose, as no gains (strength or size) are permanent.

Good Luck to you and your bro
lawnsaver i thought you are post to only do test/prop for about 8weeks i thought 12week of that will fuck you up
Muscle gains are muscle gains. Its not like trenbolone forms a different type of muscle fiber than say test or Winstrol (winny). Just be sure to come off cycle smartly and youll keep your gains.