trouble getting into ketosis while running T3?


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Hi all, new to this forum.
36 years old. Toyed with gear since High School when my uncle (who was a football player) gave me some test, since then have experimented with various esters and also ran tren twice and DNP once.

I'm 5'8 188 ~ 11% BF

Only time I've gotten below 10% was on DNP. Figured I would give T3 a go while running a keto diet to see if I could reach 8-9.

However I cannot seem to get into keto, and I have never had this issue before. I will sometimes test positive on the stix at night but never during the day. I am eating < 20g carb /day (probably like 8-12g/day max) and am very strict at that. Considered the possibility of gluconeogenesis and subsequently dropped protein intake in favor of a higher fat split, but still nothing. Also my blood ketones are between .2-.4.

Currently running:
test cyp 400mg/week
tren e 600 mg/week (coming off in about 3 weeks)
anastrazole .5mg ed
T3 75 mcg ED (started 4 days ago @ 40 mcg and worked up to 75; began keto same day as t3)

Not really too concerned about muscle loss. Anticipate that the tren will alleviate this/prevent this.
Have not been watching scale too closely as water retention fluctuates wildly whenever I make a radical change to diet.
Have not really noticed any sides from T3. Headaches maybe, some shortness of breath. one or two moments that felt like hot flashes.

My main question is - could the T3 be preventing me from entering ketosis? Is it possible I am in ketosis and both the stix and blood readings are false negatives?


You will lose muscle while on T3 - even in the presence of tren.

How much protein are you eating per day?

I don't worry too much about the ketostix. If you are eating 10-12g of carbs you are in Ketosis. Are you sure you are tracking carbs correctly. For example no "hidden" carbs?