TRT for 1 month & so far been a horrible experience NEED INPUT PLEASE!


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Hello everyone, Please bear with me, as i have been very detailed. i am 29 years old. test was 385 when i checked 6 months ago. estrodiol 13.6. i weigh 215 lbs at 20 percent body fat. high bp thats contolled, upside down lipids for the last 3 years despite eating low carb, moderate fat medium protein for the last 2 yrs. in fact eat less than 100grams carbs a day most days! take up to 9 tabs of fish oil daily. , weight lifted since 14, surf 3x wk. paddleboard for cardio. higher than ideal glucose readings tho not diabetic.

ive been on TRT for the last 5 far its been an awful, counter-productive experience. i started by pinning 90mg twice a week totalling 180mg/week. by the time i pinned my 3rd shot, i pinned a little too much at about 120mg. the very next day i started getting slight dizzy spells. turned out to be my blood pressure was elevated. (this is all within the first 10 days!) a little background, I have been dealing with high blood pressure for years now & i take my BP reading 2x day. I also take an ACE inhibitor, Accupril at 5mg/ 2x per day at a total of 10mg. It keeps it nice and controlled. normally at 120/80 although sometimes i get up to 130/85.
i know my symptoms when my bp gets too high & knew immediately it was elevated. the next morning i woke up and my BP was at 145/90. dizzy spells while standing got worse and now accompanied by a tension headache at the back of my head, top of my neck. i took my bp reading while standing and it read 158/97. although when i laid back in a chair read around 135/88 or laid down it returned to normal 120/83. i am not a nervous person, i know this was not due to anxiety. i start getting winded very easily throughout the day. at this point i up my accupril to 15mg/day which provided very little relief. i remember the research i did years ago when i used to cycle and knew that perhaps my Hemotacrit was elevated. i decided that if the next day i felt worse, i would go to donate blood as i knew it could only help at this point.
so at this point, im at three days after 3rd injection, i woke up short of breath. tightness in chest. i showered and then took my blood pressure while standing. 171/110! heart rate was 90 beats per min this is while standing. i sat in my couch and dropped bp it went down to 145/95 and laid down and it was almost perfect at 127/85. i looked up the nearest donation place and have my friend drive me over since i was so out of breath and dizzy. He even noticed that i couldn't talk without stopping mid sentence to catch my breath. my chest felt so tight with pressure and just short of breath! i get to donation place, fill out questionnaire, they take my bp while sitting and came out to 140/85. i told them it was because their bus was freezing and i was nervous. my hemoglobin came in at 17.2 not crazy high, tho normally im at 15.4 or so.. donate 1 pint and feel better as soon as i stand up. breathlessness was gone on the ride home. get home and take BP while Standing came in at 145/95 much improved from the mornings reading at 171/110! and virtually normal while sitting and laying down . the only this i noticed different was that i had fast heart rate for the next week or so at over 100-120 bpm regardless of activity, sitting standing etc. but overall major improvement. this whole shit scared me and i let the rest of the Testosterone Enanthate work its way out of my system for the following 12 days or so. i didnt feel awful during this despite the continued high bp while standing. just a little lethargic by the 14th day withoiut Testosterone. i decided to pin again since i knew hematocrit couldn't possibly be an issue. i lowered my dose down to 70mg 1x a week. very low, conservative dose. and again, by the 2nd day after injection my back of head/neck headache returned while standing, slight dizzy spell etc.. tho chest tightness was not present thank God! i decided to do a few things. immediately jumped on 81mg baby aspirin. i doubled up my ace inhibitor dose to 15mg/ morning 10mg/late afternoon totaling 25mg/day. this has been keeping my blood pressure perfect while sitting, better tahn perfect while laying down HOWEVER standing its up to 150/85. this all by the way is what is referred to as orthostatic hypertension, at least the diastolic is relatively controlled. so i got pissed off at all this. such a conservative fuckn dose & still messing with my Blood pressure. i started to trouble shoot possibilities.. i thought " well maybe, im retaining water due to high estradiol?" so i ordered a hormone panel and my results were as followed:

WBC 6.3 3.4-10.8 x10E3/uL
RBC 5.47 4.14-5.80 x10E6/uL
Hemoglobin 15.4 12.6-17.7 g/dL
Hematocrit 45.8 37.5-51.0 % ( was 44.1, 7 days prior to this test in a doctor checkup)
Platelets 225 150-379 x10E3/uL
Glucose, Serum 123 HIGH 65-99 mg/dL (i ate 30min prior)
BUN 13 6-20 mg/dL
Creatinine, Serum 1.10 0.76-1.27 mg/dL
eGFR If NonAfricn Am 90 >59 mL/min/1.73
eGFR If Africn Am 104 >59 mL/min/1.73
BUN/Creatinine Ratio 12 8-19
Sodium, Serum 140 136-144 mmol/L 01
Potassium, Serum 4.4 3.5-5.2 mmol/L 01
Chloride, Serum 98 97-106 mmol/L 01
Carbon Dioxide, Total 25 18-29 mmol/L 01
Calcium, Serum 9.4 8.7-10.2 mg/dL 01
Protein, Total, Serum 6.8 6.0-8.5 g/dL 01
Albumin, Serum 4.5 3.5-5.5 g/dL 01
Globulin, Total 2.3 1.5-4.5 g/dL 01
A/G Ratio 2.0 1.1-2.5 01
Bilirubin, Total 0.2 0.0-1.2 mg/dL 01
Alkaline Phosphatase, S 52 39-117 IU/L 01
AST (SGOT) 21 0-40 IU/L 01
ALT (SGPT) 41 0-44 IU/L

Testosterone, Serum 798 348-1197 ng/dL (this is on 70mg/week)
LH 0.9 LOW 1.7-8.6 mIU/mL
FSH serum 1.5 1.5-12.4 mIU/mL
Estradiol 16.5 7.6-42.6 pg/mL

much to my dismay, i found estro to be almost ideal. I guessi really wanted an answer as to why im repsponding so badly to moderate test doses. triglycerides where 158 in a blood test done 23 weeks earlier. cholesterol total was 199, although a upside down ratio HDL 30, LDL 138. at this point, im reluctant to pin again because im tired of feeling like shit due to my BP. i have read a few posts where people say that testosterone sometimes acts in a sort of Stimulant like manner for some people?? perhaps the conversion to DHT? its the only thimg i can think that would make my blood pressure high while standing yet normal while sitting/ laying down? does the cardiac muscle of the heart have androgen receptors that perhaps gets stimulated and thus results in the heart pumping harder (high systolic pressure??) obviously estrodriol is a non issue and kidney function is fine. no water /sodium retention that i can tell. maybe my gear is made with something that im allergic to tho my injection is literally painless. (use gymlabs @300mg/ml) super potent/heavy dose tho i measure it to be at the doses stated. PLEASE ANY INPUT WILL BE APPRECIATED. I use no stims, no coffee/preworkout. i am at a complete loss. thank you in advance am taking celery seed extract 1500mg, 2x day, olive leaf extract 2x day, 9 grams fish oil daily, baby aspirin, 1800mg Alpha lipoic acid, 3 grams cinnamon day, 1 gallon water a day, tons of olive oil, reduced sodium diet , low carb etc.


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Sounds like something not testosterone related. You should definitely go see your doctor(MD).

The heart rate at 90-100 beats per minute is higher but not out of the normal spectrum. Your blood pressure at 171/110 ever is out of control. You should never feel short of breath or have your chest feel tight if you aren't exercising. Something is wrong bro. Don't self diagnose yourself. Make an appointment with an MD ASAP.


Sounds like something not testosterone related. You should definitely go see your doctor(MD).

The heart rate at 90-100 beats per minute is higher but not out of the normal spectrum. Your blood pressure at 171/110 ever is out of control. You should never feel short of breath or have your chest feel tight if you aren't exercising. Something is wrong bro. Don't self diagnose yourself. Make an appointment with an MD ASAP.

i mean it could be your nervs/anxiety about it being new to it all, but i would go for full checkout. could even be diet, who knows. also maybe go for allergy test. (trust me i thought i had no allergies till i went ( i even used to brag about it)... feel much better now by avoiding some foods.)


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you may want to look into and track your blood sugar levels. high blood sugar (hyperglycemia) can give you the symptoms you are having , elevated heart rate, and raise blood pressure . as well as dizzy spells.

it may not be testosterone or hematorcrit or estrogen related at all . you may just be suffering from high blood sugar spikes.
one thing you can do immediately is go a week without consuming ANY carbs at all. see if your resting pulse and blood pressure go down.

investing in a blood glucose meter could be of benefit to you as well.


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takes months to have hrt flowing well from what I have heard. maybe its just because its new?


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Your T is 789 with 70mg/week?
I don't can beilve that. At what point after injection was measured that?
I think you will the most time with T around 300 with this small amount and your symtoms are perfect that, what you will have with too low T. level (I have any experiences with low T. and have had exactly your symtoms).


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Blood pressure should be taken when you're seated, having rested for a couple minutes.
Stop taking your blood pressure standing up.

I was on 3 pills a day for BP. Once I got on TRT my BP went down- probably because my BF reduced. Now I take 2 pills a day. I also took 5g l-arginine and 10mg of Cialis daily. You can try these, they'll bring your pressure down.

Please use paragraphs. Hard to read that long block you wrote.


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With good doses TRT I have put my bloodpressure pills in the waste. ;)
Now I have perfect pressure and lower heartrate ... nice effect!

Low T. is very bad for the health, so my experience.


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you gave us alot of info when you started this thread and have not come back to get some...
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