Trt for women? The doctors wants my wife to try T.


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My wife is 27 and just had all of her bloodwork done. Everything was great except she was slightly low T. They said her T was 25 and that a small dose of T could really improve things for her. I’ve never heard of women and trt. Is it a good idea to try or not? I have no idea with T for women. Thank you!
Ive only heard of a few women on TRT. That have zero testosterone but if its low enough I could see it being beneficial but fckn low dose like 20mg a week
She should try to figure out why it's low before going on Hormone Replacement Therapy. It could be the sign of an underlying health condition that can be addressed. For example has she been on a highly calorically restrictive diet? Thyroid issue? Problems with her ovaries? Is she taking any medications? Pituitary problem? Pregnant?

Additionally, she needs to check ALL of her hormone levels. Not just testosterone. And checked during the different phases of her menstrual cycle.

I would suggest that she see a doctor that will be more thorough. She should try to find a good endocrinologist.

But to answer your question, many women are on HRT. In fact, I would argue that nearly all post-menopausal women should be on HRT.
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It would be wise to see what her other blood test numbers show.
before treating her with testosterone which may cause other issues and throw her hormones all out of control. woman are bit emotional by nature and the last thing you need is an over emotional female around.