Ttokkyo 300

ttokkyo has been out of production for awhile now. And yes, Im fairly certain that ALL ttokkyo boxes have the pic of the dog on it.

You'd be better off posting the Lot # so that some of the ttokkyo experts here can compare your lot # with the results that others have been getting.
Not to alarm you but there is a large amount of fake ttokkyo going around. Check them out and I'd recommend buying QV or something else next time...
The older labels had a dog on the box & the bottle, but before they were shut down their labels changed, they had removed the dog from the labels.
Some bottles of ttoykko Deca are stil around. Most people that had them are out of them. These look legit , Dog or no dog. I had some and it's good stuff. I think I can still get it. Depends on how many the guy bought. He's got a couple of Ttoykko products..

I learned more here than I ever thought i know about gear. Thanks too all answered . To truth will be in the gym , This site rocks, will be regular user!!!
I have one of these bottles on hand, I was going to start taking it, how much do I take and how often..?? I"m 185lbs 5'10