"Two years without a day off from the gym"

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Just want to relate a story to you guys and gals:

I'm not in great shape, but I guess I'm in good shape...good enough shape that people know I workout. So I'm in the cafeteria eating lunch, just some tuna and salad. Some guy walks by and says "Wow, that's some healthy food. Are you a bodybuilder?" I just laugh, and he continues: "When I was younger, I went for two years straight to the gym, not one day off. Not even when I was sick."
After saying to myself "that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard", I said to him, "that's not very good, you need a day off every once in a while."
He replied "Yeah, I was sick when I was a kid". I could tell he wanted to talk, and I didn't, so I went back to me tuna and salad.

Who agrees with me this guy is pretty stupid, because I find it hard to believe anyone can, or would, go tot he gym for two years straight, or even one year.
I wouldn't doubt it. Current training methods have come a long way in the past decade or so. Look at Arnold's Encyclopedia. He suggests training each body part like 3x a week.
mvmaxx said:
I wouldn't doubt it. Current training methods have come a long way in the past decade or so. Look at Arnold's Encyclopedia. He suggests training each body part like 3x a week.

exactly.. we could go on forever with all the misconceptions and training styles there were.
I agree that there are many training misconceptions (actually, there's a great post on another board about how the "big guys" get and stay big: by training with what is thought of as insane amounts of volume and sets). But this guy was not up on current or past bodybuilding methodologies, he was just a casual gym rat and weekend warrior.
Funny how people always USED to do something...or knows someone bigger than you.
My Aunt had a studio picture of me in Competition form in her photograph supply shop....she told me one day this guy comes in and looks at my pic....and says"Yea I used to work out, but I got too big so I had to stop!"

Yea right and I am Caesar himself...what a twit.
My second favorite is the guys that come up to you and ask how much you bench and you tell them the truth 450...max of 500 but I don't max out. Their comment "Damn that ain't shit my cousin benches 900 and is twice the size of you!"
Ummmmm OK that would make him like 460?
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omg...i hate those motherf#$#ers too! This one kid at my job kept saying for months that he used to be able to bench 250 and that he used to be soooo big..i knew it was BS so I said u know what ..if you can even get 205 up ..i'll believe you. So I took him into the gym, with some persuasion, in front of like 10 people and I proved he was lying sack of shit. i hate liars man
i hear that ,, no doubt, jacked..... why the hell would somebody say they "used to bench 500" and ur lookin at em and u fuckin know they are lyin thier ass off??? I actually do have a friend of mine that works out with 405. i have seen him myself bench 455. i know he could probly press 500 at the right moment. but this dude,, believe me, looks like a damn brahma bull. that is no shit... and some skinny ass dude tells me he can do the same.. shit. come on man. i was born at nite but it wasnt last nite... lol??
That just happened to me tonight. And then the guy told me how he knocked out this dude that was supposedly twice my size.

I told him I was absolutely positive he would not be able to knock me out nor would he be able to defeat me.

Little guys love proving something against big guys. For once I would like to see a little guy try to prove something against a TRAINED FIGHTER. Christ, don't get pissed at me because your mom fucked a leprechaun, get pissed at Hoyce Gracie.. see what he has to say about that.
I think that most of these people don't even realize how stupid they sound. At 6' 255 lbs, I am not huge, but I am also not small. But whenever I tell people my stats, they want to tell me about some friend that is so much bigger than me. I don't even doubt that they know someone bigger than me, but they way they try to make their point is usually by just adding to my stats. So, if I am 6' 255#, then their friend is 6'2 300#, if I bench 400# then their friend benches 700#...you get the idea.
i hate these queers to man ! prime example of why i DO NOT lie about my lifts . there just might be a time when one of these guys will be around to actually see how much i do lift and im not about being a liar just to impress someone . i mean people that dont lift are impressed anyways so why lie , no one likes a thief or a liar , or a queer(male or female) where im from .:rolleyes: