Ok I think these items were made for humans, but not put through the same quality control as products that are made under regulated "FDA" approved laboratories.

A few examples would be Sustanon (sust) 250 amps (if they are not fake) these are made in a government or FDA regulated lab for human consumption. Deca 300 by Brovel is made in a lab that is not as tightly regulated because it is for animal not human use. So it may not be as "clean" or gone through as many quality checks as say Sustanon (sust) 250 amps. Although, I have heard that these companies (Brovel, Quality Vet, etc) know that a whole lot of body builders use these products, so they regulate and keep a good record of what they are doing. This is done so that they do not have people getting infections from using there stuff.
Your UGL (underground laboratory) is not regulated by the state or government, but by someone whom more than likely is a chemist and/or hopefully has a masters or PhD in chemistry or something of a similar nature. Its not that these products are unsafe, they may be even safer and cleaner than some of the state and governmently regulated labs that produce AAS. its just that they do not have a government stamp on them. In conclution the roids that you have are probably really good stuff and work just as good as any other roid.
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It's not really anything grade.

What folks consider human grade is made by one of the pharmaceutical corporations that supply pharmacies. Everything else is not "human grade."

Animal grade.....bullshit. Unless you got it from the vet's office, it's really a UGL.

UGL is just that. You have all levels. British Dragon was largely regarded as the top shelf of UGL stuff, but they are closed now. You have everything from British Dragon to what I make in my kitchen for my personal use. Swelly's Best. lol that's all underground lab stuff.

So you certainly can't say any of the UGL is human grade stuff. Even though some of it is made in pharmaceutical grade labs.