update on cycle


I've been on for 4 weeks now ...this is how its going
1-4 d-bol 35mgs (thais)
1-4 i went with sust 4l-a 500mgs then switching too ICN's
5-12 500mg's icn's test
1-10 deca 400mg

i'm going to run tren 6-12 and stop deca at week 10 so i dont get shutdown as hard...my gains have been amazing so far....only problem is i have a shoulder problem...its been buggin me before i started but it feels better with higher weight...I've had some big stretch marks nothin major though.... I started at 203-205 but now at 223 just weighing in...my bench has been going weight up along with squats and back...i work out with my dad and he powerlifts so i can still train hard with him and im kinda keepin up except on the free weights... but i get pushed alot...before the cycle i was doing 225 barely 1 time straining.... now im at 12 reps and maxing at 305...which isnt bad considering i was always weak... im at 6'3 with long lankey arms from baseball...with my squats i always had problems with the weight but it feels fine now... i'm doing reps with 315x 10 and havent yet maxed out because i dont trust my spotter until i get a chance with my dad...i've seen my ex just the other day she was tellin me your are huge ... she said are you on roids? was like no ...just creatine and protein shakes.. i use my dad as an excuse ...since he's a big boy..but alot of the girls i work with have been asking me and saying why are you getting so big... kinda nice its still early though... very early... i feel small somedays.. and some days i feel huge...i need some help with more exercises for curls though...as well as something to curl my tits as in declines.... but i feel they do nothing for me... i just want my tits to tuck...what is good for that?? sorry im rambling just updating...thx guys
figured i'd update here ... end of week 5 and im up in weight again... i came into week 5 at 225 and weighed in today after working out at 229 i just kept moving that notch over and was like shit i gained more weight... i feel good ... so far... strength is great.. just wish my shoulder would get better...
Is this a first cycle? How about an update? Have your lifts continued to improve since you dropped the dbol? Thanks
actually yes it is my first cycle ... i'm up 33 lbs of today i just weighed in... i never took measurements of my arms or my chest or legs... i should have... but i did a week in i believe i was at 15 7/8 on bi's and chest i dont know lol... but im on my 6th week second shot for the week ...those icn's kinda hurt lol ... but damn does it feel good with deca ... i feel full and hard... People keep telling me i get bigger and bigger everytime i see them.. especially my chest and arms...when i dropped the d-bol what happened was i started a week early on them because i had denkal d-bols at first then i started the shots on the first week of thais d-bol... i did it at 40mg's a week for 3 1/2 more weeks because i felt numb to the d-bol as i was immuned after 4 weeks... so i stopped them which i felt huge on them but with water...i lost about 3 to 4 lbs went from 231 to 228 for a few days.. and i was like damn i needa get up to 230 again but i did today weight at 233 and i feel strong as an ox... my strength has gone up tremendously... i started at 225 doing it 1 to 3 times ... being spotted that is ....and i have long lankey arms and was always a pitcher and bench was my hardest damn thing ever... i am now doing it 12-15 times with pretty much ease ...and i have been playing with 315 this last week to get the feel of it and today i did it again with my dad and i hit it 1 time and almost got it twice which felt great because my dad was tellin me he just bumped me a bit and i went up on my own ...which is fantastic for me because i never thought i would do 225 even lol...on my squats im doing 405 x 5 reps and just getting use to the weight because i've always been alright on legs because of soccer but i could never handle the weight on my shoulders until now it feels pretty good on there resting ... I was doing 315 couple weeks ago and now im at 405 x 5 reps which is great for me ...on curls im doing the 55's x 7reps and hammer curls with the 75's for 7 reps .... seems easier with hammers. I was doing 35's and 40's before i started ... and 3 weeks in i was doing 45's for 5-7 times .. so im going up in bi's alot..with triceps they have been alot stronger that weight on there is too damn easy so i put a 45 on the side of the weight and do it with that which is still pretty easy... but i went up in that alot as well ....i'm happy overall...and my face isnt bloated that much .. its slimmin back down since i got off that d-bol... but my tits arent really sensitive but i can feel a little bump behind my nipples which i just started taking 1 nolva eod just in case ...my strength is just going crazy right now...i wish i could do dumbbells but i hurt my shoulder .. i dont know how .. but its been buggin the shit outta me and i dont know how to help it out... i tried resting a few days..felt a little better but nothing special...if you have more questions just ask i always look on these boards... just noones ever asked for an updated .. Quez
Alright starting on 7th week... and my weight was up n down on the 6th week... on my seventh im consistantly over 235 and weight in today almost at 240 the marker said a little passed 239...which was great... i'm shooting for more weight more weight more weight...and my strength is just continuing to go up... i noticed im repping weights alot easier bench is tough right now because i have a bad shoulder which was like this before i started... but i have to really stretch and warm up and it still bugs the hell out of me... but i went up a rep with 315 doing it 2 times now and pushing myself to 5 with help..its feeling lighter and lighter all the time... the hardest part is going down really slow so I KNOW FOR SURE that im actually hitting the weight... I'm happy right now... Something I noticed though is that my tummy is stretching out ... but i expected it anyways...but i heard alot of BB's they just eat what they want but always have enough protein as long as thats in then its all good... and i'm happy im gettin alot bigger...I seen some family just yesterday which is great...they all seen me walk in and just said holy shit...and i watched their eyes light up .. it was awesome .. talking about me thinking i was gettin smaller...but their like your fuckin huge...my cousin was saying man i just said he looks like he's on roids...i just smirk... my uncle tells me shit man i just seen you a month .. month n half ago and you werent nowhere near this big.. said your body is just twice as big ...haha..felt fuckin great.. everyone was wanting to hug me... but i felt bad... because i scared my little cousins which was the first time they seen me lol...they wouldnt hug me.. little shits..
nice work - your progress sounds really good. Are you happy with the cycle so far? Give us another update please.
yeah i was very happy with it...i went onto post cycle therapy (pct) with nolva...and i am steady at 240 right now..and strength i havent lost hardly any..i lost my bloat thats about it...feelin good so far..about to start another one ..with drol/fina/prop/eq/winny