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Normally I use GNC Gold Timerelease Multivitamins and Minerals but I'd like to try something new and cheaper. If anyone knows a good multivitamin for cheap (online, preferably a Canadian site), please let me know the address :)

You need to check out VitaCubes ELite thing for men, retails at a measy $600. lol, A good multi, cheaper than GNC's? hmmm... Twinlab might have one cheaper, the dualtabs are pretty good, try finding them

I like optumum's opti-men multivitamin...they are failry inexpensive as well & have a good blend..

you get what you pay for in vitamins to a point but there are ways to save and get a good vitamin . read the labels , qualit counts , example = d-alpha- tocopheryl is natural vit E but dl-alpha-tocopheryl is a synthetic E that is a byproduct produced in the petroleum industry , vitamin A is another one they take shortcuts in , at least some of the vit A should be from beta carotene , all this being said twinlab makes some pretty good vitamins , go to your local health food store and compare labels

Try Health Hut Grand Rapids Michigan . Supp. called Total man its got it all ck it out Priced under 20.00. one mth. supply. great stuff. no b.s. They Also have a store in Grand Haven Michigan They will u.p.s. Tear It Up Mad Dawg.
i liked powdered multi's you can mix with water or liquid, i think alot of multi's are hard to digest.