web site fraud


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why does anabolic review put up ability to keep gains like deca i have learn that is shuts you down bad so why do they put like strenght and mass three stars and ability to keep gains a four star and for test enth it gives it a 4 star for the mass and strengh and ability to keep gains a 1-2 star and it come down to diet i think it is a fraud to say that what do you think what those boards say????

no flaming here if yall always wonder where i do my research is on board like anabolicreview..........................
yea, the only thing i could think of with those ratings though is that test makes you retain much more water than deca and regardless of diet you can't retain all of that. You will def drop some more water lbs with test , than with deca. I guess that is the thinking on those ratings.
johnny b i tried to bring that site up it did not come up .
somthing must be wrong with that site????????????
You cant really rank steroids either. Its impossible. Its a person to person basis, but I believ the majority will agree Test is numero uno for sides to affectiveness.