what is worse????

If i had to choose, i would run the drol, i personally would not run either but at least i can find studies on high drol usage, and that dose doesn't even compare to dose and length of what the medical literature shows. The dbol for that long kinda scares me.
12 weeks of dbol would be worse! If you wish, I can dig up some studies that show 17-a (only in general, not comparing compounds as you ask) as being problematic more through time than through dose.
WOW!! Those are two harsh combos you came up with but I would probably go with the Abombs on this one just due to the length of your dbol being so damn long
Well my buddy was going to do 50mgs of D-bol for 8 weeks along with some test/deca but at 6 weeks he started getting sharp pains on his side and dropped the bol, within a few days and allot of water he was ok!
I dont mind running pretty crazt doses of orals, but I keep it fairly short, ie no longer than 5 weeks, and have never had a problem
i dont think 100 mg or drol for 6 weeks is out of line if you take in enough water and liver protectants. the 50 mg of dbol for 12 weeks isnt the brightest idea however. i remember someone who psoted they ran 150 mg drol for 6 weeks then i think 100 mg of dbol for another 6 back to back. and he was fine. not recomending that though.