what is your dream cycle?


if you had no budget for gear, could use anything you want at whatever dose, and took aggression and hair loss out of the equation, what would you run?

first off i would run 2-3iu of pharma grade GH for the rest of my life in addition to my TRT [cruise] dose of 250mg a week.

then i would only run summer blasters because.. yeah, i'm that guy lol.

16 week:
350mg test prop
350mg tren ace
350mg masteron prop
40mg winny
4iu GH

i actually did exactly that a year and a half ago lol but my hair was thinning out too much. was fucking amazing
Dream cycle is always the next one im about to do.
I've ran your proposed cycle twice if you remove winny, its highly overrated.

I'm looking forward to my test, mast, eq and var cycle :D
I'd always run 4iu of GH if I could afford real pharma, for life.
I'd also look into other peptides for fun :D
my dream cycle is to feel like the first one i ever did. its never as good as the first time.
the first cycle is a lot like the first time you have sex. it's new and exciting, you dont know what you're doing and it's over way too quickly