What safety supp's do I need with DECA?

Bro, in all honesty, and no disrespect meant, I've read a bunch of your posts and you're NO where near ready to be doing a cycle of anything right now. Maybe in a years time, but certainly not now. You need to read and research way more, and in the meantime, hang around the Diet & Training Foroms here.
I thank you for your seriousness and I know I am not ready. The thing that makes me confused is the numerous boards that have many topics on different anabolics and
they have people that write things that make me totally confused.

Its a combined effort 1) People that know what there talking about 2) People that doubt the author and try to convince people otherwise because when they did a cycle of (topic) they didn't use this ( Insert here ) but they were fine 3) People like me who are in the middle downright confused.
For the sake of education, you can use nolva or clomid as post cycle therapy (pct) after a deca cycle. However, they will likely do you no good during the cycle as a gyno prevention aid. Also, don't do deca-cycles; you want to add test to it; but no combining multiple compounds on a first cycle. So basically your first cycle should be test, and then yes, nolva or clomid can help fight gyno, with nolva being the far better choice.
4 things you will need to run deca safely. hcg, b6, cabergoline and some viagara incase the cabergoline doesnt' do the trick.