what should i expect gain wise?


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taking 500 mgs of sust250 every week with 40 mgs of d-bol running it 10 weeks I'm weighting 190 hoping to gain 20 but this is my 4th cycle first time using sust. body fat 6 percent and a tough gainer. trying to eat cause thats my weakness. what should i expect will people be able to tell im on will i blow up or will it be minimal gains say 10 lbs...when should the gear kick in? is 500 mgs enough to grow?
1. How are you measuring your body fat?

2. What have your previous cycles looked like?

3. Age? Height?

4. What is your maintenance level of calories and how many calories are you planning on eating during this cycle per day?
Also,,,,that is not a small dose of DBol,,,,,,I hope you are not running that for ten weeks.
nah just 4-5 weeks with the dbol
age-24 height 6'2
got my body fat done at the gym 2 times one with those calbors and another with some machine you hold both times under 7 percent.
previous cycles were test and decca 300 mgs of decca 500 mgs of test
i also did a prop and tren cycle 1oo mgs of tren every other day and i think 150 mgs of prop i totally forget how much prop i was taking..
im normally eatting 3,000 calories looking to eat 5,000 but its tough for me but i will try to eat my ass off cause if i dont eat i WONT grow period!
You'll probably gain between -10 and +150lbs. LOL, everyones different. It depends on how much you eat and your training. Steroids don't make you gain weight, eating and training does. Steroids help. Just eat like a monster if you wanna get big, especially if your so lean already (I admit I do have to question your BF%, unless your genetically superior)

Do you have post cycle therapy (pct) Planned? Are you using HCG throughout your cycle? Long ester test's usually kick in around 4 weeks, so sus will be a little sooner.

I don't mean to offend, but your not very heavy for the amount of cycles you've done. Just remember you get out what you put in. Good luck.