What should I watch for??????


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Previously did a cycle of test and Winstrol (winny) at the end but now Im gonna be starting my 2nd cycle of

Test E 400/week 12 weeks
Deca 300mg/week 10 weeks
Hcg 250-300 2x/week
Arimidex either .25 ed or .5 eod

With the Deca what should I watch for and is there anyhting else I should add to fight Prolactin levels? b6? doses and how often?

Also Im CONSIDERING Jump starting the first few with with anadrol(not sure yet, but please refrain from faliming I know a lot of people said to hold off) What could I take to Halt Hair loss issues, and Since I cant use Novaldex while On Deca would it be OK to take Clomid at a low dose during to fight off some sides of drol?

Thnx guys and Look for my Jounal Next week
ummm deca dick for one... but with running the hcg you should be fine... and with running the arimidex it will help to ward off any gyno/prolactin related issues

don't jump start with anadrol... pick one or the other... dont jump into running a lot of gear all in one cycle right away
I dont think Deca Dick is gonna be a problem at 300mg a week along with the test and HCG, but I didnt know arimidex helps with prolactin problems?????

Can I get some advice on the drol though incase I do decide to use it at a low dose just to jump start my cycle.