What Time?


Im curious, what time does everyone like to take their shots? Is it a personal preference or is there a proper time to take a shot? i.e; before bed, morning, before training, evening, etc...
Late at night just before I go to bed or else right before I leave for work in the evening if I have to work a night shift.
Ok perfect...I ask because I just got all my gear in the mail this afternoon and I wanted to start today, but was wondering if it would be better to take a shot tonight right before I crash out, or tomorrow AM before I train. I'll take it tonight.
i like to go in the morning. becuz i dont like needles, i kinda get pumped up when i inject, which is bad when you are trying to go to sleep
Onswoll said:
BD Tren ace/test enanthate

Yeah, with a short ester like acetate just try and inject around the same time every day or every other day to try and maintain relatively more stable blood levels of the compound.
i like to inject when i get hom ein the afternoon ,generally right after ive had a good shower.....get the area nice and clean before i start...