What's the best "flavor" of Test?


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Here's something interesting from Cyborg (Testosterone mag).

The Best Test?

Q: Some say that "Testosterone is Testosterone" while others prefer certain "flavors." Does it really matter? What's the dif?

A: There are a few reasons why some people feel that various Testosterone blends or just one form of ester has different effects than others. One such thing is water retention and the other is the overall "kick" or effectiveness in terms of strength and lean body mass gains.

The reasoning behind the increased water retention is that the longer the half-life of the ester, the more water retention. The reason for a difference in terms of "strength" is thought to be that since the molecular weight of a shorter-lived ester is less than that of a longer ester, you can essentially "fit" more molecules of Testosterone in any given concentration.

Take a look at the list below and let's compare the molecular weights of each ester:

Testosterone Cypionate
Molecular Formula: C(27)H(40)O(3)
Molecular Weight: 412.6

Testosterone Decanoate
Molecular Formula: C(29)H(46)O(3)
Molecular Weight: 442.7

Testosterone Enantate
Molecular Formula: C(26)H(40)O(3)
Molecular Weight: 400.6

Testosterone Isocaproate
Molecular Formula: C(25)H(38)O(3)
Molecular Weight: 386.6

Testosterone Phenylpropionate
Molecular Formula: C(28)H(36)O(3)
Molecular Weight: 420.6

Testosterone Propionate
Molecular Formula: C(22)H(32)O(3)
Molecular Weight: 344.5

Testosterone Undecanoate
Molecular Formula: C(30)H(48)O(3)
Molecular Weight: 456.7

Testosterone (no ester attached)
Molecular Formula: C(19)H(28)O(2)
Molecular Weight: 288.4

Judging by the lowest molecular weight, Testosterone in a suspension and Testosterone propionate would be more potent than Testosterone decanoate and Testosterone undecanoate. So, do either of the theories I mentioned have any merit? Well, yes and no.

What I mean is that the likelihood of experiencing water retention with a certain ester is probably a little higher with an ester that has a longer half-life. However, this wouldn't be noticed until weeks down the line. I think the only reason why guys see a difference in water retention is simply because they're injecting a smaller amount of an ester like propionate every three days and the blood levels aren't high enough for a long enough time period to cause a significant amount of water retention via estrogen formation.

On the other hand, with something like cypionate, you'll commonly see guys use 500 to 2,000 or more milligrams per week. Since its half-life is so long, it allows for consistently high blood levels of Testosterone, which as we know, provides more raw material for the aromatase enzyme to form estradiol.

Hope that helps!