Whey Protein and the Lactose intolerant


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Where other than food do they get their essential protein?I eat the hell out chicken breast,eggs and fish cause I am lactose intolerant. This week I bought some whey protein (4 different brands) and the first two have damn near killed me!!! Was up all night with lower intestinal cramps and it got so bad I even passed some blood! What options do I have??? Please help me. I can not take the forced meals any longer!!!
hmmmm...make sure the whey ur buying is lactose free. I have a lot of clients that are lactose intolerant but are okay with lactose free whey. Have u tried a whey isolate or how about a soy protein?
I,ve got the same problem you have bro.....I take designer whey by ultimate nutrition.They have a 99% lactose free version.You will not see it on most store shelves but they can order it for you.....
There are other protein powders other than whey. I get GNC protein 95 (tastes much
better than the other one I tried) which is
soy protein isolate. The estrogenic compounds are removed by the manufacturer and methionine is also added to increase the biological value.