Which is the best option??


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Looking to start my first cycle, in your opinon which is the best way to go

1) 500mg Test Ethanate on a 10 week cycle at 500mg per week with Nolva to follow.


2) Decca 100mg & Sustanon 250mg per week for 10 weeks with nolva.

All advice comments appreciated, thanks!
go to the section for newbies and check it out along with the stickies in the anabolic, training, and diet section. you'll find the answer (which is 500mg test/wk) along with invaluable info. excellent info all around.
even if it werent standard newbie protocol. Whats 250 Sustanon (sust) and 100 decca gonna really have on 500 mgs of test. I think the test would be safer and more effective.
the reasoning behind test only as a 1st cycle preached by this forum is just plain old common sense. I wish I had that info when I first touched gear.
the test at 500 mg weekly is the best because the sus at 250 is not good because for sus to be effective you need to shoot atleast e3d because of the 3 short esters in it
The guys nailed this one for you.

How about posting your stats?
ht/wt/bf/age/years seriously training/years perfecting diet
Thanks for all advice, I was originally after doing my research etc sticking with the 500mg test. Though a friend who has done cycles in the past was trying hook me onto the decca and Sustanon (sust), so i said i would ask around.

Have been training for 3 yrs am 20 currently weighing in at 81kg's looking to bulk up to 90kg +.

Would be around 15% bf, height is 5ft11 and i have a strict diet although currently i am revising everything including my workout plan as i will be starting my cycle.

Currently working on a 3 day split,
MONDAY- legs and shoulders
WEDNESDAY- chest and Bi's
FRIDAY- back and tri's

Traps i do with back and abs i throw in on an off day like weekend.