Who has done the biggest Test cycle?


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I am getting ready for a 750/week cycle. Decided to bump it up from 500. That is very big for me. I feel almost nervous.

I love having that Test feeling(heightened senses and aggression but very happy with a good sense of well being)

Sound off fellas, Any gram, 2 gram + users in the house?:D
I have shot 1500 once of test e,it was a little uncomfortable comming from 750 but it was nice :D: good luck.
pretty sure bouncers winning this one with his current cycle.

I'll bet you're right!

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My last cycle was 750/week front loading with prop 100mg/eod for 4 weeks. So I did 1150mg/week for 4 weeks. Made me strong like bull.
I've run 1400mg a few times, I dont grow much from test so ti was no biggie, my wife noticed though
My max so far is 700mg a week of TNE. I did 750mg of Eth before, but i definitley felt the TNE much more, of course because of the Ester weight in the Eth.
No disrespect guys, but a weekly dose of more than 1.5g (save a FL dose) is really overdoing it, unless you are a serious competitor. It goes to the point of diminishing returns. Up you Deca, EQ, Fina, etc, but i just think thats going overboard. Or eat more, or something.