Who here has used Ft. Dodge Equipoise?

I've heard a lot of folks say good things about it. Never used it my self. But isn't it 50mg/ml?
If so, I'd go with one of the newer, higher concentration EQ's like LFC, or EQL, 200/ml or higher. At 50 per, that's a lotta volume to inject!
I believe Squibb is the same co. as Ft Dodge - and if that is the case then yes I've used it.

Only ran 200mg/wk - and saw noticable gains -

It's very good IMO ... just not concentrated like most people want.
Yes, I've used it.I took 250mg a week and got nice gains off of it.If you don't mind the frequent inj. you will like it.
high quality stuff. first EQ i ever used. ran it at 300mg/wk, noticeable gains. could not eat enough in a day to satisfy my hunger.
I'll be running 400mgs along with some test...a lot of injecting, but I don't mind. I have only heard positive things about the stuff.