Who pays for this Board?


Juice Authority

I noticed there's no Platinum board or anything other "membership" fees. Somebody has to pay for the servers, web design, maintenance , etc. I seem to spend a lot of time here like a lot of other people. Is there a way to help out and contribute?
Probly the best way to support the board is by supporting the sponsors. If you are serious about sponsoring the board or advertising those questions should be directed to biggie or tex.
Fantom gladly donates 20% of all his revenue from gay porn, and gay prostitution. That is enought to keep the board going for years.
in all honesty the hosting for this board should cost around $10per month if that. I used to host a forum for something else and i had about 1200 threads before i closed it down. It wasnt even 1megabyte yet to back it up. This is a much bigger forum but still will not ever get so large to back up its unmanagable.

But im thinking about betting some of those wrist straps from whatever banner has them. They look nice and long ;)

thats my newb .02 weeeeeeeeee
Well, its definitely more then $10 a month. hahahahaha.

Actually, starting up the board is not cheap. Since Tx and I are as far from computer programmers as you'll ever get, we have to pay for the site set up. Then, if your like me, you only hire the best to set up the board, which means more money.

The sponsors do help the site. Thats true. But eventually we will have to get onto a dedicated server which isnt cheap at all. In just 2 weeks we've already used up 7Gb of bandwidth.

I guess the bottom line is that TX and I have everything running fine and "future costs" are not something we havent planned for already. We've already registered the domain name for 5 years and have a 3 year contract with our hosting/server company.

We're here to stay boys.
It's usually not the servers or web design that costs money but rather the bandwidth requirements. The more users that we have the more expensive it will be to run.
I know what you guys are dealing with. Its not easy, but the exchange of quality info is never easy. I respect the hard work, and you guys have a great board left........

Thanks for your work and efforts