who uses adex?

I loved Adex when I used it. Ill be using some again in about 2 months. If your cutting and using test, you pretty much have to use it unless your going with Aromasin.
I try not to, so far i havent gone over 700mg of test per week, but if i bump up near a gram, I will use it.
I am using it right now because i don't want to be bloated wtih a moonpie face from the deca. I only use .25mgs ed though.
DRveejay11 said:
I have..........and I loved it. I just didn't like what it did to my Cholesterol profile. :(

Same here, but the Zambons also could have contributed to my shitty lipid profile.
i have used it many times, 1mg ed or EOD and i too have had the liver lipid problems however if i added in 10mg-20mg of Tamoxifen ed it helps improve my tests
Me too. Lipid profile problems, though. I just keep it around now just in case, but I don't cycle it regularly.
bro ive tried it test doesnt bloat me very much under 1 g but that damn dbol blows me up like a baloon even at low doses and the adex helps start of real low and you can always up the dose if you have to , no need to waste it and i dont think that completely shutting down estrogen is good for you , a little bit of estrogen is like milk it does a body good :D