Why not pasta??


Getting ripped
I'm not very well educated when it comes to dieting since I've never had to before.
But now I need to get rid of some fat on my lower abs.
The thing is I eat alot of pasta. It's the only carb I really like. I don't want to cut down on my carbs to zero but I will be eating less carbs.
I know that you should prefer complex carbs instead of simple(except post workout).
The thing is pasta is a complex carb...so why does everybody say that pasta is isn't good when dieting??
pasta is usually refined unless u get wholewheat pasta but either way compared to something like vegetables (which is where i get 50% of my carbs from) it has lower nutritional benefits such as fiber, vitamins and minerals.
Another problem with pasta compared to other foods as far as carb choices go, when trying to watch carbs, is that it is very easy to overeat pasta.
The problem here is that not all pasta is created equal!! Pasta can be a bad choice depending upon how processed the ingredients are. The GI rating of different types of pasta varies.

Go to:Glycemic Index Search Engine - to find out the rating for the specific pasta you are eating.

Another area people run into trouble with pasta is what they put ON top of it (e.g., creamy sauces, cheese, etc.,)
simple carbs, complex carbs, forget that, focus your mind in the glycemic index of carb

I will give you an example :

apple it's a simple carb, but the IG it's not fast, so, you can eat apple during the day

pasta its complex carb, but when you eat it pure, the ig it's fast

pay attention to some things that can change the food IG, like when you increase fat or protein to a high IG carb, it will delay it's rating

see ya