Why short esters = more pain


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The longer the ester the less BA is used. It is easier for the long ester to stay suspended. Shorter esters cause for more BA to keep from crashing.

as iced said dosnt work like that. i have used prop, and enth (human grade)before as honestly i dont notice the difference pain wise between the two. its more of the underground lab stuff that hurts more because of the ba

Ok then buy some powder and try to make cyp then make some prop. Use the same amount of BA and the same mg to ml ratio you will find that the longer chain ester on the Cyp will stay suspended will the prop will crash if there is not enough BA used. The prop has a shorter ester. Less can be used this is true. BB can be used along with BA to lessen pain. Underground labs will mainly use BA it is more painfull but BA also sterilizes the final solution. Were as the BB will just be used as a solvent and keep the solution from crashing. Dont base your answer on pain. You can make soulution wich is 5% BA and 5% BB that is not painful for most. You can go as low as 2.5% BA on some without out it crashing. You will also see that prop comes in 50ml mg dosages while a long chain ester compound like boldelenone will stay suspended at 200ml mg with the same amount of BA.

I will try to find and post the amount of BA and BB for diffrent powders that can be used without crashing.