will duval ever get hhis pro card?


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it seems like people have been talking about this guy for so long. why cant he seem to earn his pro card? was there too much hype or is he just not polished enough come contest time?
i really thought he would get it at the nationals last year. hes got to be the front runner this year.

anybody think its true that the judges are penalzing him because of the rumors that broke last year that he uses synthol??
His arm are a bit questionable... But there are other pros who have obviously used it or gotten implants. Chest still seems a bit flat too.
I agree willl bouncer, he will get it this year at the USA. Although, I thought Palumbo, looked really good at Nationals.
I didn't know he was doing NOC! That's awesome, I really think he is going to be someone to watch!!!!
I've been reading that he has a lot of trepidation towards turning pro, and feels really strongly about continuing to grow his personal business and stuff. I hope that if he does choose that he doesn't just up and leave the world of bodybuilding. IMO he really has a bright future in the sport!
yup heard that from another in the gym that he was thinking about trying out the pro wrestling scene. Good luck to him.