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Hi everyone,

I'm a french guy so sorry for my bad english...

I need some help please!

I tryed to make Stanozolol water suspension 3 times :

1° time : 1 g powder + 1 ml BA + 2.5 ml PEG, put everything in my beaker an heated. But i heated to much, all the solvents went out like vapor and i only had a kind of krystal sugar in the bottom of my beaker!

2° time : 1 g powder + 1 ml BA + 2.5 ml PEG, put everything in my beaker an
heated. But did not heat enough, the solution was ok but when i put it into syringue in order to filter it, it was inpossible. The solution became kind of paste, nothing went out from filter.

3° time (with rage) : 1 g powder + 2 ml BA + 2.5 ml PEG + 2.5 ml sodium chlorure (in order to obtain a more liquid mixture), put everything in my beaker then heated. When hot, i add directly in the beaker all the bac water and then filtered all together in sterile vial, shake well. It seems ok, after 30h it didn't crash perfectly white.

Someone could help me for future and also tell me if my 3° try can be ok or not?

Thanks a lot,

What sort of mixture were you expecting to end up with?

Looks like you have it at about 129mg/mL with your 3rd try.

Your BA content is at about 26% which seems very high and your injections will more then likely hurt ALOT!

Sodium chlorure as in table salt? I dont understand why you are putting this into it.

Here is a link to DougueFre5h's instructions for making water based winny
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Hi forgot to tell that i add 10 ml bac water so it's defintly a 50 mg/ml solution.

I put Nacl to obtain o more liquid solution because of the paste i obtained before impossible to put in needle...