Winny inj/tabs


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Is there a difference between taking 50mg instrumuscular ED and 50mg oral ED? What if you were to alternate the two EOD. Is this even a possibility? I, personally would rather do one or the other. Just curious.


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Well ... my Winstrol (winny) injects would be so sore that it would interfere with my workouts. So I stick with the tabs.

I actually prefer the tabs also because I split them up so I take them 3x a day - morning, afternoon and evening. I feel the split dosing keeps blood levels more constant and therefore makes the Winstrol (winny) more effective .... no way I'm gonna shoot myself 3x a day.


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i like tabs long as you are taking some grapefruit juice or extract along with it for better absorption..

i usually stack Winstrol (winny) with fina and i already inject fina everday along with EQ twice a week..being a pin cushion sucks