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Cycle of 500mg/week test enan.(10week cycle) post cycle therapy (pct) done 2 weeks after last shot, finished post cycle therapy (pct) 3.5 weeks after(nolva)---finished up jan 15th. ive been having some funky symptoms since then, its been about a month after finishing post cycle therapy (pct). Ive been having PACs(pre atrial contractions) and anxiety. Keep in mind i had these symptoms about a year before my cycle, they only cam about when i drang a shit load of coffee. The doc said it was from all the stimulants. Lately i havent been around any soda or coffee. I have still been getting these symptoms that havent been around in years. The doc i went to said its all mental from stress, even after i told him the WHOLE story. he said all the test and nolva left my system and its from pre-existing stuff. I dont know what i have to be stressed about, im considering going on 250 a week to see if it helps my symptoms since the doc wont help. any bros have this sort of problem??? thanks
It would solve the problem, until you get off again.
If you before you went on had problems, DONT GO ON. Simple as that.

Stay clean and get youre mind together, and then stay off.