WooooHoooo First shot of new cycle!!!!

Primo always hurt like a mother fucker...every fucking time I shot it. I used my quad for most shots and was limping around for atleast 2 days after each shot. Primo is the juice that I have taken that hurt. Good luck.:cool:
good luck bro! i started my tren wednesday and already feeling it! Winstrol (winny) is being run at 50mg's along with it. test prop starts next week!

OOoo! where did you do it? You will probably always remember your first shot! good luck with the rest of them!
I am envious. Still got like 2 months
off-cycle to go till my next. Probably A-drol or Dianabol w/Test, can u say bulker :)

BigJay and Terminator sincere thanks for yur avatars.