Would you bang your cousin?

would you fuck your cousin?

  • hell yes. i'm a pimp

    Votes: 102 70.3%
  • nope. i'm a dork.

    Votes: 43 29.7%

  • Total voters
a sick as this sounds, i actually thought about it. i have a cousin from italy that I've only seen 5 times and she visited me last summer and has to be top 5 best looking woman I've seen. I tried to convince myself but couldn't step up to the plate. FUCK SAKES
I don't live too far from Alabama, and that shit's state law over there. So I suppose I would do it...call it an Alabama Muligan.
Im currently fucking a distant cousin and we have great sex..the added taboo of being a cousin is fucking hot..ok..i opened up the can of worms...ducking!!
I fucked my cousin but didnt know at the time we were related. Met her thru a friend, went to her apt and wrecked her ass while her roomate took pics then found out the next day. My wife thinks its funny.
I have 2 really hot cousins, but I would sleep with them. People that say yes are the same ones that perpetuate the genetic defects in a species.
Everybody knows that if you have a really hot cuz,you're allowed to fuck her at least once,i mean come on now!
You have 2 strikes against you 1: Born in Jersey 2: You live in Florida

You'll never catch a Brooklyn boy doing, or talking about doing such crazy shit.
Painful Pleasure said:
1st cousins only. gosh. what a bunch of tight asses

I have to agree with the monstro, your fucked up questions are retarded thats pretty sick man.I am the most liberal, sexually open non-conservative person in the world, I see nothign bad or with gays or being a whore or ven fucking a distant/2nd cousins perhaps.. but as for a sister or a 1st cousin, -unless its by accident(didnt know it was you cousin?), is just a line you shouldnt cross. I bet your grandpa and grandma would be proud
sick bastard.

but i do have mexican 1st cousin cousin that is fucking smoking and Ill admit shes hot and very sexy, but i would never fuck her. why?with the millions of differnet hot girls there are in the world, why are you gonna pick one thats related to you, when theres plenty of other bitches.
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