Wow. I feel like utter shit.


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Hey bros. I'm currently toward the end of my cycle and injecting 50mg winstrol ED. I'm also running DNP at a conservative dose (200mg) ED. I started both of these three days ago. They're both PL products. First of all, the winstrol injections (in quads) are painful as fuck. I can barely walk. I'm considering drinking it instead, as I need to be able to walk. The bottle explicitly states for IM use only, though, so not sure if I can. Thoughts?

As for the DNP, I feel like I have the flu, nausea coming and going, a fever, and enough aches and pains to know what getting hit by a truck feels like. I researched this drug for months before I even considered taking it, so I'm following all precautions by the book. Antioxidants, potassium, fluids, etc. I just took a cold shower to attempt to lower my temp, and also have the A/C on at full blast with fans everywhere. I'm not really sweating badly, nor am I pissing yellow or anything, but I am nonetheless hot as hell.

I didn't think such a small dose would affect me this much, as I was planning on upping the dose after three days of use, but that obviously won't be happening. You may call me an idiot for not just stopping use altogether if I feel this bad, but my experimental nature wants to stick it out for a week, even if I don't use it again.

Anyone been there/done that and can offer a few thoughts/advice? I'd greatly appreciate it. Just wondering if this is what I'm supposed to feel like, or perhaps my body is just sensitive to it. I'm not sure how the fuck people survive on higher doses, to be honest.
No dnp experience.
About winstrol of course you can drink it, but why instead of injecting yor quads you don't do it in your ass?
The dnp reaction is normal. I have done a dnp cycle two months back. 6 days (200/200/200/400/400/400)

don't do much cardio (if any)

sit in a bath to cool off

What supplements are you stacking with the dnp?
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ALSO! how much water are you drinking??? drink at least 2 gallons, you will dry your self out (too much water loss between dnp and winny)
First off you need to keep in mind that this is DNP! It has not been around long enough to be put in a safe catagory. We really dont know much about what goes on inside the body when taking this 'poison'. I would suggest droping it all together. You only have one bod.
no clue about DNP. But I feel your pain. Currently Iam finishing my prop/winny/tren/eq cycle and I got sick 2 times. I had the flu/fever/cold, chills you name it I had it. It sucks ass. I think it had to do with my prop.......& iam still trying to fight it. Screwed up my whole cycle
Yeah, drink the Winstrol (winny) if it's that painful. Or, if you are using any other gear, you can put it in the same syringe to dilute it. But drinking it will be fine, and there won't be too much of a difference.

As for the dnp, if you are feeling nauseous, take some pepto bismol. It really helps, and quick. Also, drink plenty of water or fluids. Gatorade would be a good idea since it has some sugar in it. A big part of the nausea you are feeling is because you are hypoglycemic. Taking in some sugar will help tremendously. I was at the movies once and felt the nausea coming a coke and felt better within 15 minutes or so.

Also, you can space the dosing out a little more than 24 hours if the sides get to be too much since dnp has a long half life. Like every 36 hours or so.
I've run dnp at 200mg a day a few times, and noticed that I felt okay but really hot for the first few days, but then started feeling shitting, I think from now on I'll just run it for 4 days at a time
Thanks for all the responses. I've been taking a med called Aciphex to help with nausea, and it seems to be working decently. Also making sure to get in plenty of sugar and fluids. I'm also just going to drink the Winstrol (winny) instead, as I'm not running any other gear right now to dilute it with. Not doing any cardio, as I'm not even able to. Can't wait 'til this is over with so I can get back to lifting. I'm going to take Tx's advice and take it every 36 hours instead. That'll only bring it to 800mg total until I stop; are results still significant with that kind of dosing? I certainly hope so, or the side-effects aren't worth it at all.
Update: I dropped the DNP early as I just found out I have a meeting tomorrow and cannot afford to be feeling like shit. When I woke up this morning and it was out of my system I felt great and back to normal. I missed the Winstrol (winny) dose the night before, however, so after I took it this morning, no more than 2 hours later the familiar aches and pains came right back. My knees/back hurt and I felt weak. This leads me to believe the winstrol was also a factor in why I was feeling so bad. Has anyone else experienced this in such an early time frame? Considering just stopping the Winstrol (winny) altogether and just staying on recovery with Evista. The DNP by itself might not even be so bad if I'd done it without the Winstrol (winny). Guess I'll have to experiment more...
ugh sworn enemy.

honestly i still dont understand why people run the risk with it when there are healthier alternatives like clen, t3,AAS like may take you 3-4 weeks for some nice results but the wait is worth it compared to the wanting to die feeling you get from dnp as your body fights to stay alive....
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honestly i still dont understand why people run the risk with it when there are healthier alternatives like clen, t3,AAS like may take you 3-4 weeks for some nice results but the wait is worth it compared to the wanting to die feeling you get from dnp as your body fights to stay alive.... [/B]

Well, my main reasoning for not using clen or t3 is due to a few prior problems with cardiac arrhythmias, so I don't want to fuck with stimulants. That's also why I don't use ephedra anymore. I had no such problems on DNP as it actually slows down heart rate a bit. Also, t3 can only really be used on cycle as it isn't selective in what it breaks down unlike DNP, which is protein sparing and can be used off-cycle. And I'd say risking permanently screwing up your thyroid to be a fairly substantial one. The sides of both of them can be minimized obviously, but DNP is no different. I'm gonna start back on again now that I found the Winstrol (winny) was part to blame for the shit-feeling and see how I feel just running it by itself. I'll keep you all updated.