Yohimburn on puffy nips.


if yohimburn did not work on puffyness, give bromo or one of the dopaminergics a try... prolactin is the other main cause of puffyness.

just a note.. yohimburn ,from reports with respect to PUFFYNIPPLES, reduces puffyness in about 70-80% of users... somewhere between 50-60% get full resolution...

btw- drop me a PM re bromo
macro, do you think that the 20-30% that it doesn't work for are because the problem is actual gyno/glandular vs excess fat/estrogen related?
actually the 20-30% of puffy are due to prolactin issues.. which are far more prevalent than people seem to beleive. including the medical community... however this is likely because PRL tests are doen in the day time and PRL release is pulsatile with spikes during sleep.. usually only with pituitary tumors will you see consistantly elevated PRL levels.

for hard tissue, yohimburn will not get rid of it.. there have been some reports of reduction... but this is probably due to the fact that the gland is interwoven with fats.. and those fats are reduced (over time less fat does mean less aromatase.. which may help to keep it from returning)