your favorite anti e to run during cycle....


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I posted a short into in the chem section but agian hello new to the board im an active member on another board with the same username...just looking for a new place to call home as well....i didn't see a section for post cycle therapy (pct) questions only but if i missed it fell free to move....

on to my question I will be running my "comebacker" cycle as im calling it in Feb 07 i have been out of the gym and off cycle for around a year now...due to an injury and just a busy life...looking forward to getting back in shape and working out.

my cycle will be (haven't set the doeses yet)

Test E 1-12
EQ 1-12
dbol 1-4
follwed by either 4-6 weeks of
tren a

will be a lean mass cycle im wanting to use HCG for the first time what would you say....250iu 2x week starting around week4...? then how much at the begining of post cycle therapy (pct) 2500iu or 5000iu etc....?

i also find myself gyno prone (found out the hard way with small pea sized not under my left nipple) what anti e or Aromatase inhibitor (AI) do you thing would be best....during cycle i was thinking 2.5mg ed of letro....what about proviron or adex....? i usually run nolva ed during cycle i had some adex last cycle when the pea sized not developed....

thoughts please
i will be getting bloodwork done before the cycle as well.
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My opinion.... use Arimidex at .5mg a day until gyno symptoms subside..along with novla at 20mgs a day... I would only use anti-e's if I get gyno symptoms.. itchy nipples, etc...