your training routines


non conformist
What are all your training routines ?
Here,s mine
mon -chest /biceps
wed off
fri-shoulders /triceps
sat -off
I know this is a very basic layout of my routine ..but I am curoius as to how you others have theirs ......

Mines a little different but it seems to be working well.


NOW I insert "off" days as needed or when I have to, so that each muscle is trained no more often than once every 5 days to 6 days.

I train using kind of a mix of HST, HIT & DC's methods..fairly low volume but VERY high intensity...keeps me lean & makes me bigger..

And in case your wondering: I group traps with chest, delt, tri, because my traps are much stronger when trained with them than with back, I also get a much better feel & contraction in my traps are probably one of my best bp's so it works for me.

And I group calves with back & bi for basically the same reason, after doing thighs my lower body is so spent the the pdgs I am able to use on all calve movements suffer greatly, but sticking calves with back & bi, my calves are MUCH stronger & I get a much better feel & contraction than when trained with thighs.

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Sunday - Shoulders, Bis
Monday- Thighs, Hams, Calves
Tuesday- Tris, Abs
Wednesday- Off
Thursday- Back, Traps
Friday - Chest, Abs
Saturday- Off