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Prior my decision to reinitiate myself into the world of AS I went on a supplament buying spree. One of the many products I purchased was Z-Mass PM. Suggested dosage is 4 caps before bed. The products claim is that it hold an ingredient called 20-Hydroxycdysone - whatever the hell that is. They claimed a study concluded that 20-H demonstrated virtually equivelant anabolic activity as Dianabol.

Well, I've used Dianabol years ago and now Z-Mass for almost a month and the results are nowhere near comparable. In fact I don't know if this shit is doing a damn thing for me.

Anyone have any info on this product?
D-Bol and ZMA are not even in the same league! That's like comparing apples to oranges. Who told you you would get similiar effects using ZMA?
I use ZMA primarily because it really does help me get a good sleep at night. It's better than using melatonin all the time for me.
ZMA is also suppose to help with recovery and the natural release of growth hormone.(has that actually been proven yet?). I think it's one of those supps, that might work for one person and not for another.
For me, I do feel that it helps with my recovery and it helps me sleep.
zmass is also a good way for a man to get zinc which is a something that most men are deficient in , zinc is crucial for hormone production in men and there are reports that zinc has mild anti estrogen properties [ no i dont have the studies but i have read some ] and last but not least zinc is VERY IMPORTANT to a mans prostate , a man should at least take a good zinc supplement [ opti-zinc ] , its cheap insurance
Good feedback...thanks! (still sounds beneficia lthen)

I got my information about the comparison on dianabol to Z-mass from www.nutrose.com. Look up Z-mass there and they have text about those test results.