10 mg D-BOL?

fuzzy-1 said:
c&k makes 10mg pinks i beleive

I just got 1,000 of those. They look just like the 5mg pinks, cant even tell the difference. I guess you have to trust you guy in giving you the 10mg's instead of the 5's.
Well I'm looking at them right now , and I can't tell the difference. They look just like British Dragon's Dbols. The only difference I can see is that the bag they come in is different the British Dragons bag.
Canuck4 said:
No actually he got 5, 10 and 50mg versions. All pink.

Oops! Just laken a look at his list and he have 10mg dbol indeed. Seems like I muddle it up with his stanozolol tablets which are 5&50 mg only.

does the crush test work with body research dbol, also? I have been on for a week and can't tell if their real or not. Any fakes going around of these purple hearts?
I found some British Dragons that I had laying around forgot I had them and but the C&K tabs next to those and I cant tell the difference at all. They look identical. I guess It just comes down to if you really trust the guy you got them from.
Through research I found that scammers are getting the fakes identical including passing the crush test and taste. In my opinion, the only true test is to take one large dose of 40-50mg an hour or two before your workout. If they are real you should feel an androgen spike!
never seen the heart shaped ones till now...how big are they? same size as pink thais or what?
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