1st time with Tren -- Pimple at shot site?


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I noticed I had a shiny pimple at my shot site [glute]... average size.

As a matter of fact, it looked to be exactly where I injected a day previously. I popped it and clear liquid came out.

Shortly thereafter, I noticed a smaller one that looks to be almost gone/healed, likely to have been from my first shot (if related?)

Anyone ever hear of this? This is my first time with tren. The tren is definitely working and I don't have a deep tissue infection/abcess and no swelling of the area all. (My sust/tren shots are painless, no problems whatsoever.)


Possibly a bolus, or some mild inflammation. Probably nothing.


Lol, it is!
In biology, a bolus is any kind of ball-shaped organic structure of an organism or of its discharged substances.

And yes,
A bolus is also a pastry of the Netherlands. There are two recipes. One is a Jewish pastry from Amsterdam and surroundings with ginger and/or almonds ('bole'). The other recipe is from the province Zeeland: a sweet sticky bun rolled and shaped in the form of a shell or turban, and covered with cinnamon and brown caramelized sugar.
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